5 Things I’ve Learned in 3 Months of Marriage

  1. All those cute posts online about marriage being an endless sleepover with your best friend…
    …are completely true.
    No matter what the day brings, always getting to fall asleep next to your favorite person is priceless.
  2. Finding a balance is not easy
    In fact, it’s a juggling act.
    Your time needs to be fairly divided between your spouse, your friends, your job, and yourself.
    And I’ll be honest, in the first couple months, I was letting my own needs fall by the wayside. It’s taken some time to no longer feel guilty when I take time to be all by myself and recharge.
    But I’m so much of a better wife, friend, and employee if I get that time to be alone and pursue my passions. And I’m slowly learning to make myself a healthy priority.
  3. Comparison is meaningless 
    We have married friends, single friends, and everyone is in a different place in their lives and their relationships.
    The way that Josh and I communicate, spend our time, and make decisions, can be different from other couples or friends we know. But that doesn’t make it wrong. Comparing gets you nowhere.
  4. I’m not entirely sure the “honeymoon stage” is really a thing? 
    Although it doesn’t help that Josh and I never actually had a proper honeymoon (yet), I really haven’t noticed any rose colored glasses coming on or off during our marriage, or our relationship in general. From the beginning, we’ve had disagreements, conflict, and have always seen each others faults alongside our strengths. And I wouldn’t have it any other way – because from what I’ve heard of the honeymoon stage, it inevitably ends painfully.
  5. Effort is necessary 
    For some reason, I thought that once Josh and I were living in the same city, and the same apartment, our relationship would somehow become more…effortless. Ha! While our history of long distance certainly came with its own challenges, living together doesn’t negate the need for putting time and effort in. I’ve discovered very quickly that it’s way too easy to coexist with someone, even your own spouse.

Bonus: Men /really/ don’t know how to replace the toilet paper roll. At all. Send help.

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