Adrenal Fatigue – My Story

I remember the first time I began experiencing chronic fatigue. It was about ten years ago; I was a pre teen, busy playing soccer and enjoying my friends. Out of nowhere, my energy started to drain faster than a bubble bath when the plug’s been pulled. I spent that summer taking naps on the couch all day, and barely having the strength to kick a soccer ball around at night. I remember parties where I should’ve been having fun, but instead spent wishing that we could all go home so I could sleep.

After long months of searching, it was eventually discovered that my adrenals had become completely depleted. And I began the journey towards healing.

My energy levels improved, and then fluctuated as my stress levels went on their own personal roller coaster over the years.

But it wasn’t until my body went though the stress of moving halfway across the country and planning a wedding this year that my adrenals started to lose their battle with life once again. All the stress and change, on top of a work environment that kept my body overheated during most of the summer, just wasn’t a great combination.

I thought I’d use the rest of this post to share the regimen I’ve begun; it seems to be helping, and I’m excited to start healing my body naturally (which is essentially the only way to “heal” adrenal fatigue since most doctors don’t like to talk about it…).

With breakfast and dinner, I take one Young Living Super B tablet. B vitamins are great for combating fatigue, and supporting healthy energy levels. I also began taking an herbal supplement specifically formulated to help adrenals recover – which I found on clearance (!!) at my local natural grocers.


I also made an essential oil roller bottle with three oils that help to support the endocrine system: nutmeg, ginger, and clove. I apply it to my neck as many times a day as I remember, and go about my days smelling like a Christmas cookie.


Diet changes are also very important in prompting adrenal healing, and I’ve been trying to cut down on processed sugar. Consuming good amounts of protein is also helpful in keeping blood sugar levels steady, so I’ve invested in some vegan protein powder that I use in breakfast smoothies. This brand has 18 grams of protein per scoop, and tastes super yummy!


Lastly, I’ve been really focusing on reducing the amount of stress in my daily life. All the supplements in the world can’t keep up with adrenals that are dealing with constant stress. Yoga, meditation, and relaxing despite an unaccomplished to do list have all been wonderful practices.


And at the end of the day, when I’m tired, I will rest. My body will continue her healing work as long as I let her.


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