Creativity Takes Courage

This month, I am jumping back into yoga practice with Yoga with Adriene’s August calendar – the theme of which is creativity.


With the launch of this blog, and delving back into my fiction writing, creativity seemed like the perfect overarching theme for my month. But it only took the first day’s practice to remind me that creativity, while aesthetically pleasing, is rarely easy.

As part of the first video, Adriene gave us opportunities to get creative and perform our own poses – and I found myself coming up empty. And it raised some questions.

Why is it that we freeze when the directions stop – when we’re given the opportunity to forge our own path?
Are we that afraid of getting it wrong?

But here’s the catch: there is no wrong.

Yes, there’s always room for improvement in any creative things we pursue. But how will we ever get to the point of improving something if we’re so afraid of getting it wrong that we never begin?

So here is my question to you: what have you been putting off in fear of getting it wrong?

And my challenge is this: move forward. No second guessing. You can make improvements later. Just. Begin.
Start your first draft.
Get out your paints.
Whatever that first step is, take a deep breath and GO.

Creativity takes courage. It always will. So what’re you made of?


P.S. – If you’d like to join me this month in a creative yoga journey, here’s the link to print off your own calendar:

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