To The Nines

Personality typing systems have always been fascinating to me – so much so that the MBTI was a significant subject of research during my community college years.

But the Enneagram is the personality indicator that completely captured my heart.

The Enneagram consists of Nine personality types, all focusing on an individual’s primary motivations and fears. These types are represented by a nine-point figure:

The Enneagram

While I could probably go on for hours about the Enneagram and its beautiful intricacies, I’ll just link some resources at the end that can explain better than me.

Today, I’d like to look at the Nine – the number that sits at the top of the Enneagram. The number that has helped me understand myself in a whole new way.

The Nine at a Glance

Basic Desire: Internal Peace

Basic Fear: Separation and Loss

Nickname: “The Peacemaker”

As I’ve spent the past several months researching this type, and what it means, I started to feel more than a little #calledout.

See, a central weakness of the Nine is that, when life isn’t as peaceful as we might like, our tendency is to completely shut down. Go numb. Zombie walk through life. And we’re not even aware that we’re completely disengaged from our own lives.

This has been a struggle of mine for honestly as long as I can remember. Combined with physical fatigue problems and depressive tendencies, I can slip into that unaware state in a single breath.

But I don’t want to live my life that way. I want to feel deep down in my gut all the pain and joy that life provides. So then the question becomes: how to stay awake in a conflict-ridden world that wants to put me to sleep?

I don’t have all the answers yet; I’m still learning. But I am slowly becoming more aware of when I’m shutting down. I’m recognizing when my body needs rest, and when my spirit needs action. Even just putting a name to the problem has been a tremendous help.

In a way, this blog will chronicle all those things that bring awareness and inspiration. It will make me contemplate, instead of tune out.

I would highly encourage all of you to do your own research, and find what Enneagram number you are. Because you never know what life changing magic you might learn.

Additional Resources on the Enneagram:

The podcast that made me a believer and helped me discover my type:

A great intro video from my sister in law Jana and her best friend:

A wonderful site with great descriptions of all nine types and how they interact with each other:

I’d also highly recommend checking out the following podcasts:
– Enneagram for Idiots
-The Road Back to You
-The Enneagram Journey

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