DIY Deck Remodel

Ever since Josh and I moved into our apartment, the small deck off the living room has been used to store…basically everything we didn’t have room for inside.

And for the majority of the summer, it was too warm outside for me to really care about this. But last week’s brief cool spell left me wanting to make our deck a cozy space for reading and drinking coffee and doing yoga.

And thus this weekend’s project was born!



Overall, this cost approximately $45:

– $20 for the chair at Blessings Abound thrift store (we happened upon 25% off furniture day, which was AMAZING)

– $15 for the rug, also at Blessings Abound. It’s made of a nice woven plastic-y material so it won’t get yucky and absorb water when it rains.

– $7 at Michaels for the wind chimes and hanging basket (thank you 80% off summer decor!)

– $4 for the zebra table at the Salvation Army store

And now I’m off to finish my coffee and maybe do a little Sunday morning porch reading 😊

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