Self-Care Date Night

While I haven’t actually gotten around to reading the highly acclaimed book “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, I am familiar with some of the strategies she teaches to help enhance our creative selves. And one such strategy is to get in the habit of taking yourself on what she calls “artist dates” – time set aside to be alone, and cultivate the things that feed your creativity and sense of self.

Tonight, I took myself on one such date. Just me & myself. No husband. No friends. This was very hard for me because obligations but I needed it so bad I was probably going to scream. So I (mostly) didn’t think about the dirty dishes in the sink and had some self care time.

My local AMC was showing Cinderella for some glorious reason and I got to blissfully sit in the theater /entirely alone/. There was no one else at a 6pm Wednesday night showing, go figure. And since this movie is my favorite thing on earth and makes me sob uncontrollably I got to do so without disturbing anyone else 👌🏼 Emotional release in an empty theater is incredibly therapeutic, folks.

Then I went to Target and treated myself probably too much but Starbucks and cozy soft blankets and new pajamas are my weakness. Plus tonight was special 😊

And while this all only took a few hours, it fed my soul more than I can say. Something about being intentional with the time you spend alone makes all the difference. Usually when I’m alone, it’s when I’m grocery shopping, or getting ready for work in the morning. Not exactly the most relaxing contexts to feed creativity.

I really want to continue being intentional about this, and I’d love to invite you all to join me!

And remember:

• You too are worthy of a night to yourself. There’s plenty of time for your SO and your friends and family. Don’t go insane on all of them because you haven’t been investing in /you/.

• Don’t feel weird about doing things alone. Nobody at that theater cared that I was by myself, and they didn’t even notice the soup from Whole Foods that I snuck in 🤫

• Don’t forget those things that make you feel alive. Whether it’s a beloved movie or book, being out in nature, or just your local coffee shop. Life is worth feeling. And if you want to create, your well of emotions can’t be empty.

Also, I’d love to at some point actually read “The Artist’s Way” and go through the program. If anyone else would like to jump on board and form a little creativity accountability group I’d love to plan something like that sometime! Drop me a comment or a message under the “contact” tab if that’s something you might be interested in and I’ll contact people when…the time is right.

In the meantime, goodnight my friends, and good self care 💛

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