Fawkes Giveaway!

One of my least favorite things about being an adult is how little time there seems to be to read. I remember back when I was a kid, and I’d get through several books in one week – ha! Now I feel like I’m lucky if I finish one a month.

But I have been working on prioritizing reading more this fall, and one of my favorites that I’ve finished recently is this beauty: Fawkes by Nadine Brandes.

Fawkes is a historical fantasy novel (can we please have more of this genre??) that tells the story of Thomas Fawkes – son of the infamous Guy Fawkes behind old England’s Gunpowder Plot.

While this story is filled with magic and adventure, it was the theme that struck more of a chord with me than I was anticipating. The theme of seeking truth.

Seeking truth no matter what everyone around you is telling you to believe.

Seeking truth even at personal cost.

There were scenes that drew tears to my eyes, because I have been on one such journey to find truth for many years.

It has led to rejecting the ideas others have tried to force upon me.

It has cost me the loss of relationships, and it has broken my heart.

But seeking after truth is perhaps the most noble adventure one can partake on in this lifetime, and I loved the way I got to see that portrayed in Fawkes.

And now for the fun part…

It’s our FIRST GIVEAWAY here at Of Life & Lemonade –

I’d love to share this book with you, and I’m going to hook one of you guys up with a signed copy of Fawkes!

I’m lucky enough to live not too terribly far from author Nadine Brandes, and I was able to see her at a signing this past summer. Nadine is the sweetest woman you’ll ever meet, and I’ve absolutely loved getting to connect with her over the years at local writing workshops. She once told me that I had a strong narrative voice, and I’ll admit that when I remember that it makes me want to never give up on my own writing. Needless to say, if you don’t win this giveaway, you should definitely go support her and buy Fawkes 😉


All I need is one comment, either here on the blog, or on the corresponding Facebook or Instagram posts, telling me:

– Your all time favorite book


– A book you’ve finished recently and really enjoyed

One entry per person, because I am not going to make this more complicated for me. Winner will be announced on Friday, November 9th!

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