19 For 2019

Last year, self-help author Gretchen Rubin decided to ditch the usually fruitless pattern of making new years resolutions. Instead, she created the “18 for 2018” – a challenge in which she wrote down eighteen things she wanted to accomplish in that year. Rather than having a resolution like “exercise every day” that would probably be abandoned in short order, she encouraged followers of her work to simply create a list of challenging and yet doable tasks.

This year, Rubin has initiated the “19 for 2019” – and this week she and many others (myself included!) have been crafting their lists for the upcoming year. These lists can consist of just about anything; things that can be accomplished quickly, or will be more time consuming; things that will stretch you a bit, and things that you probably would have done anyway. The result is a roadmap for the year that’s tailored to your dreams and desires.

New Years has always been my absolute favorite holiday, and I am so stoked about my 19 for 2019. So excited in fact, that I decided to share it with you!

19 for 2019

  1. Continue blogging, with posts 3-4 times monthly (as well as Instagram content)
  2. Finish a full draft of my novel
  3. Read more books from varying cultural perspectives – learn from people who have life experiences different from my own

    My first read of the new year: Louise Erdrich’s latest work
  4. Continue forming a meditative practice, and try to go on a meditation retreat
  5. Find a job where I can thrive (and survive physically)
  6. Keep finding ways, however small, to improve my health
  7. Actually go on some sort of honeymoon
  8. Stay a night at a bed and breakfast
  9. Make plans to finish my Bachelor’s degree
  10. Have a somewhat minimalist lifestyle
  11. Complete The Artist’s Way

    I’ve been wanting to go through this course for so long, and 2019 will be the year! 
  12. Explore Houston after moving there in the spring
  13. Make regular visits to places that make me feel alive
  14. Volunteer somewhere regularly, as my health permits
  15. Give my friends and family meaningful books as gifts
  16. More actively love and support my younger siblings; be available for important conversations
  17. Get my “have courage and be kind” tattoo

    This phrase has meant so much to me over the years, and I need it on my wrist
  18. Explore my relationship with anger. How I can feel it, and use it for good
  19. Try new, healthy recipes –  especially with my slow cooker


Will you be creating a 19 for 2019? I’d love to see your lists! I think I’ll be writing mine down on a nice big sheet of paper so that I can hang it on my wall; never hurts to keep your goals in sight.

Here’s to a beautiful new year, my friends.

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