Top 5 KC Coffee Shops

The other day at work, a customer asked me what the young folks do for fun around here. After thinking for a moment about how little I actually go out and do things, I replied that “the coffee shop scene here is great.”

And I was right. The Kansas City area boasts (and roasts) of many locally-owned, fantastically aesthetic coffee shops. Other than my friends, I think it’s what I’ll miss the most when I move in the spring. So I thought these places deserved a little praise before I bid them adieu.

Mud Pie Vegan Bakery and Coffee

This coffee shop has two locations, one in downtown Kansas City, MO and one in Overland Park, KS. They make the best lattes (made with dairy free milk, of course), and have tons of vegan baked goodies. If you’re like me, and are gluten free as well, head to their downtown location where you’ll find a great selection of pastries that are both gluten free and vegan. The downtown shop is actually a refurbished house, and is quite the cozy place to get some writing done or read a good book.


Sweet Tee’s Coffee Shop 

This locally-owned coffee shop is located in Olathe, KS and is one of my favorite places to go and catch up with friends. But the best thing about Sweet Tee’s is that you get to pick your own mug for your drink! They have mugs with everything from vague inspirational quotes (my personal favorite mug category) to Batman and Harry Potter. Gives your coffee a personal touch, and helps to avoid single-use paper cups.


Headrush Roasters

Headrush Roasters is the perfect place to go when you’re picking someone up from the Kansas City airport – it’s just off the main highway heading to KCI, and they’ve got lots of fantastic drinks to choose from while you’re waiting for that flight to come in. Try to visit when it’s warm outside – you can sit out on their back patio area and get a sweet view of the Kansas City skyline.


Kansas Coffee Café

I discovered this coffee shop because it’s near the car repair shop my friends and I use; it’s located in downtown Olathe, in the government district. They’ve got some amazing local syrups that you can either add to your drink or buy a bottle of and take home. And the barista’s are always super friendly – in addition to their incredible latte art skills.


The Filling Station Coffee

This local chain has several locations around the KC area, although I always find myself at their Overland Park location. The building is an old car garage, so there’s lots of natural light that comes in from the old garage doors. They also have a selection of fresh juices available in addition to your typical coffee fare.





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