We do not live in a joy bubble.

The only bubble we can choose to live in is the bubble of naivety. And when knowledge inevitably pops that bubble, suffering comes. The ability to be cynical. To drown.

But one must dive into the depths of everything –

Pain. Trauma. Suffering. Chaos.

To come out the other side.

“Sure there is slavery, there is lunching, segregation, but glory hallelujah…the fact that there is a humanity and spirit that no one can kill.” *

But how to not stumble on the guilt? How can I feel joy, when I can feel pain reverberating throughout the whole world? Mother Earth herself, suffocating beneath us? The Empath’s Curse.

It seems so extreme, that dichotomy of either/or. To feel both joy and sorrow at once with such intensity would destroy me.

Balance, weary soul. There is only what is, so make room in yourself for the fullness. Because it is no longer two emotions at war. It is One.

We are such experts at compartmentalizing everything in life. This is fun, this is work. This is happiness, this is sadness. This is the ocean, this is the shore.

But have you ever cried, wept openly, while inside you did not even know if the tears came from joy or sorrow?

Have you stood by the sea, let the waves break against your legs, standing right where ocean and shore intermingle?

I have known Suffering and I have known Joy. Together, they have mixed to form Love. And I believe the Universe itself tells a similar story.

For the joy that is felt inside a bubble of naivety is not true joy at all. It is blindness. So open your eyes, my friends, and let it all in. Every last wave, every last tear, every last smile. For this is Joy.


“Invocation: God is Love by Dr. James Cone”
William Matthews, KOSMOS (Album)

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