The Accidental Entrepreneur

Starting my own business was never in the plan – it was never a dream of mine, necessarily. I definitely don’t have the entrepreneurial gene that some people I know seem to have.

However, this cross-country move to Houston gave me the perfect opportunity to make some new career decisions.

I needed something that would be flexible, and let me create my own schedule. Something that would allow me to earn enough per hour that I wouldn’t have to work forty hour weeks. Something that would cooperate with my fluctuating health.

And somehow, in my “Kelly doesn’t do the life goals thing” way, I found myself starting a house cleaning business.

I’ll still be working part time at Endless Bakery, helping out with the retail side of their operation. And during the week, I’ll be accepting clients for Lemon Drop House Cleaning (as you know, my car’s name is Lemon Drop…I had to be cute about it…).

I’m super excited to dive back into work I really love. The best job I ever had was working for a house cleaning company in Minneapolis, and over the past five years I’ve cultivated a passion for entering a space and just making it clean.

If you’d like to follow along with my day job adventures, you can find me here:

Also, special thanks to my AMAZING sister in law for doing all the photography for my new website, as well as some new pictures for the blog here as well. You can find her at

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